Printing on a textured paper

The paper that you print your business card, greetings card, brochure or flyer on will have a big impact on the look and feel of the finished product. Not only will the way the paper feels tell you whether or not it’s a quality product, the finish of the paper itself will transform the way that the printed image and text look on the page.

With a little bit of creativity, imagination and know-how, it’s possible to use different textures and finishes to create fantastic visual effects that will help your printed product to really stand out from the crowd.


The way a printed product feels when you touch it says a lot about its quality. When you feel a piece of textured card or paper, you can tell that the manufacturer has put a little more thought and effort into creating the product. This instantly gives the piece an impression of quality and a touch of class.

textured board with foil embossing


When you see a product that’s printed on textured paper or card, you immediately want to touch it. The tactile quality that textured paper has makes people much more likely to pick your product up and look at it more closely. This can be a big bonus if you’re trying to sell greetings cards or postcards or if you have a brochure or catalogue that you’d like customers to look at in detail.

Greeting cards printed on textured card

Adding authenticity

Textured paper works especially well when used to create greetings cards and postcards. If the image printed onto the card is of an artwork, the textured nature of the paper makes the product look more authentic, giving it the feel of an original watercolour piece.

Not only does this add an interesting and eye-catching aesthetic to the product, it also makes it feel more special, giving customers the impression that the piece is less mass produced and more handmade.

When postcards and greetings cards are made using textured paper, the area in the centre of the card, where the image itself is going to sit, is pressed flat before printing. This helps to ensure a high quality image and helps the finished product to look as professional as possible.

As we have a huge amount of experience printing onto a range of different materials, Swallowtail Print are perfectly placed to help you create eye-catching pieces using both textured and standard paper.

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