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Has digital printing affected traditional litho printing?

Posted 25th June 2016

Has digital printing affected traditional litho printing?

The printing industry has innovated throughout it's history, the introduction of digital printing and the fast pace of modern development have pushed the boundaries like never before. Market trends are changing quickly and companies in every corner of the industry are working hard to identify the technologies and techniques that will satisfy customer demand, improve quality and cut costs.

New machines, programmes and skills are emerging all the time, and although some may cause existing techniques to become obsolete, most emerging trends will draw on tried and tested technologies as well as cutting edge innovation. Although digital printing has increased in popularity, traditional lithographic printing is still very much in demand with designers and customers. By utilising digital alongside litho to create high quality products, printers can offer a more flexible service.

Encouraging innovation

The fast turnaround times and affordable costs of digital printing have increased their popularity. Improvements in speed, quality and handling have helped to speed up change across much of the printing industry. This fast paced atmosphere is helping to drive design innovation in the industry.

Appreciating quality

Customers who want a personal service and high quality products will still look to printing companies with expertise and experience. The many advantages of litho printing, which provides excellent quality, value and high speed output, are the main reasons why it is the preferred choice for magazines, booklets, catalogues and book printing.  

Best of both worlds

By embracing both technologies, digital and lithographic, Swallowtail Print are able to offer its customers a much wider range of options. Using the old and the new technologies to complement each other, we can select a solution that suits our customer’s needs and budgets. Furthermore, by combining digital printing with established finishing and binding techniques, we are able to offer a more comprehensive range of services.

Every new technology that emerges in the world of printing will have an impact on existing techniques. As long as each new innovation is used to enhance the industry and complement existing methods, the standards of print will only get higher and higher.

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