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Using personalised printing to connect with your customers

Posted 30th June 2016

Using personalised printing to connect with your customers

Thanks to social media, targeted market research and extensive databases, most companies now know more about their customers than ever before. From tracking their shopping habits to identifying the special offers and discounts that appeal to them the most, businesses in all sectors now have access to information that can help them to really connect with their client base.

This invaluable information can be utilised to create targeted marketing campaigns, with personalised printing used to help tailor direct mail, and other promotional materials, that are sent out to a customer base. By taking the time to add a few personal details to a flyer or brochure, businesses can show their customers they care and boost the success of their marketing campaign.

What is personalised printing?

When you run a direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll probably work hard to design an eye-catching flyer or brochure that can be sent out to everyone on your mailing list. Though this approach can produce fantastic results, direct mail that’s personalised using client data can work even better.

Instead of sending identical printed products to all of your customers, you can instead personalise each flyer using customers’ names or by showcasing products that you know they are interested in. This kind of personalisation is easy to arrange when setting up your printed product, making it easy for you to engage with your customers and really get their attention.

Benefits of personalised printing

There are lots of benefits of personalised printing. For a start, recipients are much more likely to spend time reading and understanding your correspondence if it has their name on it. As soon as your customer spots their name on the flyer, they’ll be intrigued by its contents, giving your direct mail campaign a better chance of success and boosting enquiries, orders and ROI.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen to personalise your printed products by selecting offers and deals especially for each client, your direct mail campaign will be more attractive and more accessible to your customers. With just a small increase in investment, you can dramatically improve the results of your campaign while making your customers feel valued at the same time.

Types of personalised printing 

Many companies choose to add the name of their customers to their personalised printed products. This approach will immediately capture the recipient’s attention and prevent your flyer from going straight in the bin.

If you want to take things a step further, you can tailor the entire layout to suit each individual customer, selecting, products and offers that you know will appeal to their tastes.

If you want to optimise your direct mail campaigns and give your customers the personalised experience they deserve, get in touch with Swallowtail Print to discuss your next targeted marketing campaign.