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How to get a ROI from my Catalogue

Posted 7th July 2016

How to get a ROI from my Catalogue

When it comes to marketing, results matter. Whether you’re trying to improve sales, boost brand awareness or increase your company’s share of the market, your marketing campaign needs to achieve concrete results if it’s going to justify its price tag.

Though this holds true for all types of marketing, thanks to the higher levels of investment required for catalogue marketing, ROI is even more crucial. By putting some time, energy and thought into your campaign, and its projected results, boosting your ROI and tracking your campaign’s performance should be easy. Keep reading to find out how. 

What is ROI?

The initials ROI stand for Return On Investment. The return on investment is the benefit a company or individual sees from a marketing campaign or other type of promotional activity. The better your ROI, the more bang you’re getting for your marketing buck and the more likely your company will be to grow and succeed.

Measuring ROI

Measuring ROI throughout a campaign will help you to assess whether or not your marketing tactics are having the required result. There are lots of different ways to measure ROI, and the method you choose will depend on the type of campaign you’re running and the results you hope to achieve.

In most cases, companies try to track website visitor numbers, sales and inquiries, using promotional codes and specially created links to see which customers have been prompted by the campaign and which are organically derived. However, as catalogues aren’t necessarily designed to garner instant website hits or boost sales, tracking the success of a catalogue can be more difficult.

If digital copies of your catalogue are available online, monitoring how often it’s downloaded can help you work out whether or not it’s been a success. You could also create a unique URL landing page for catalogue customers so that you can track how many access your site as a direct result of your campaign. A unique phone number and redemption codes can also help you to assess your campaign’s impact.

ICTC Norfolk Kitchen catalogue

How to improve ROI

There are lots of ways to improve your ROI and give your business a boost. When creating your company catalogue, it’s important that you make the document as attractive and as accessible as possible. Use a clean, clear layout, high quality images and provide your customers with all of the information they need to make an informed decision.

Including an irresistible special offer with your catalogue is another good way to increase interest in your campaign, while ensuring you only send your catalogue out to customers who are genuinely interested in your products will help to boost your response rate and give your campaign the best chance of achieving its goals.

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