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The Future of the Printing Industry

Posted 21st July 2016

The Future of the Printing Industry

In recent years, new technologies and techniques have begun to change the printing industry on a variety of levels. Increased used of digital design and printing have sped up the process for short runs and one-off jobs, while improvements in ink, paper and other materials have allowed the print industry to produce higher quality products and more innovative finishes.

With so many exciting developments taking place within the industry, now’s the perfect time to take a look at the future of print and what it could mean for your business or organisation.

Digital print production

As in many industries, digital technologies are having a big impact on the development of print. Digital printing techniques are fast and affordable, making them popular with customers on a budget and those looking for quick results.

In 1998, just 8% of print was digital. By 2004 that figure had risen to 18% and by 2012 45% of print output was digital. However, though the percentage of materials produced via digital printers is set to grow even further, traditional techniques are far from obsolete with many users continuing to opt for litho over modern techniques.

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Litho print production

Lithographic printing has remained enduringly popular in the world of print for a number of reasons. Firstly, the technique is ideal for large print runs. Once set up, the speed of a run is incredible, allowing printers to produce large volumes quickly and efficiently.

Secondly, it gives a very high quality finish, providing customers with a product that they can be proud of and enabling printers to produce high quality output in no time at all. Though digital printing is great for short runs and one-off pieces, it still can’t compete with litho when it comes to large format and longer runs. Until digital is comparable, this traditional technique is set to remain at the top of the printing pile.

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Demand for print

When books, advertising, newspapers and magazines began to move online, many people predicted the death of print. However, this prediction has yet to come true and many areas of the industry are healthier than ever.

Businesses are still using print for direct marketing campaigns, promotional materials, brochures, catalogues and much more. Print is now seen as a higher quality, more tactile and more professional option to its online alternatives.

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