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5 Ways to Use Discount Vouchers

Posted 27th July 2016

5 Ways to Use Discount Vouchers

It’s no secret that everyone loves a bargain. Whether it’s a great deal on a holiday, a special discount on a haircut or a free gift with a purchase, saving a little bit of money, and getting a great product or service as well, is an incredibly satisfying experience.

As well as helping to tempt buyers into your physical or online store, discount vouchers can also help to boost customer loyalty and brand awareness. If you think a discount voucher could help your business, here are five ideas for ways to use this effective marketing tool.

1. With direct mail

When you send out a direct mail marketing campaign, you need to give the recipients an incentive to try out your products or services. Including a discount voucher with your direct marketing materials could be this incentive.

Offer your customers a deal they can’t resist and watch as your visitor numbers soar.

2. As a catalogue add-on

Including a discount voucher with your catalogue mail out will give your customers a nice surprise when then come to browse through your products. As catalogue mail outs aren’t necessarily about immediate revenue generation, this is a good way to boost your return on investment when promoting your range of products.

3. Purchase reward

Show your customers your appreciation by giving them a discount voucher with certain purchases. If you have a physical premises you can simply hand out vouchers whenever a purchase is made. If you sell products online or offer intangible services, send a discount voucher out with delivery or include one with your company invoice. As well as showing your clients you care, this should boost the chances of one off purchasers becoming regular customers.

4. Rewarding loyal customers

If you run a customer loyalty scheme, or have a customer mailing list, send discount vouchers out as a reward a few times year. This will help to keep your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds and give your business a positive image.

5. Flyering

If you really want to push a promotion or you need to significantly raise awareness of your brand, you could consider handing discount vouchers out as flyers in the area around your retail space. This should encourage shoppers to at least explore the products on offer in your shop, and should go some way to boosting business as well.

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