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Drink mats and coasters for cafés, pubs and restaurants

Posted 15th August 2016

Drink mats and coasters for cafés, pubs and restaurants

Sometimes the most effective advertising spaces aren’t the first that spring to mind. Though flyers, brochures, postcards and business cards can all help to get a company’s name out there, placing printed products in less obvious spaces can have an equal, if not larger, impact on brand awareness.

Food, drink and entertainment companies, as well as businesses involved in a diverse range of related industries, can often find that informal locations are ideal for advertising their products. A great way to influence customers and build a brand identity, advertising in pubs, restaurants and other social spaces can pay dividends.

Drink mats & coasters

Well designed and nicely printed drink coasters are a great way to attract attention and advertise a product. Diners and drinkers will often pick up an eye-catching drinks coaster to have a closer look at it, especially if the product is unique, intriguing or features clever text.

If your drinks mat is the sole design in the pub, patrons will inevitably take in the imagery, the branding and the message. Some people even collect beer mats, so if your product is stylish and unique enough, it could end up permanently displayed in homes and pubs across the country.

square drinks coasters

Helping brand identity

As customers see your promotional material over and over again, they will begin to remember your branding and your company identity. This can be fantastic for businesses that are just starting to build a following and for companies who want to adjust their corporate image.

By placing your marketing materials in pubs and restaurants, your brand will be associated with fun, socialising and good times. This can be great for your business and will go a long way to building a loyal following and distinct identity.

Round drinks coasters

Our high quality printed drinks mat and coasters are available in a variety of finishes and materials, such as a washable heat resistant surface, a non-slip foam base, ultra-thin and lightweight, translucent PVC and low cost laminated card.

We also print a wide range of other promotional items for businesses, see Promotional Printing for a list of products.

If you would like more information about producing drink mats, coasters, menus and other printed material for your café, pub or restaurant then call us on 0845 340 5660 to speak to one of our sales team.