Presentation folders can actually save you money

By using the latest printing techniques and high quality materials, it’s possible to create a fantastic range of branded stationery products and promotional material.

A very popular item is a printed presentation folder customized with your own branding. Ideal for sending documents or handing out important information at conferences and meetings. A customized folder can help your company boost its corporate image and brand identity as well as save you money.

Make it reusable

As long as your printed folder is carefully and thoughtfully designed, they can be re-used. Just by updating the inserts, it could save your business money on reprinting.

Keep it simple

If you’re planning to use your folder more than once, you need to ensure the design is simple, elegant and eye-catching. Designs that are overly complex, that use lots of different colours or that feature a lot of different images can begin to look dated quite quickly. Instead, opt for a design that’s classic and classy and ensure your custom folders are right on trend for years to come.

Make them evergreen

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many designers include the year or other datable information in their custom folder designs. Try to avoid using any information - like the name of a conference, the year or seasonal information - that could date your folder, opting for text and images that are evergreen instead.

Use high quality products

The better the quality of the materials you use to create your presentation folder, the longer they’ll last. Using a durable print finish, like a matt or soft-touch laminate will not only improve the feel and appearance of the folder but minimise the effects of fingerprints and scratches.

What’s more, when clients and customers feel the quality of the folder, it will give them a good impression of your business. This will help them to have confidence in your company and could help you to seal the deal when it comes to sales.

Cutter guides

Swallowtail Print have a range of pre-made cutters available in various sizes and layouts and with or without capacity. Designers can use these to create their artwork or as a starting point for their design. We can also custom build a cutter to meet your requirements.

Cutter guide examples

We also have a range of ready-made cutter guides available, like the ones above, if you would like more details then contact us.

For information about soft-touch and anti-scuff finishes see Tactile and high impact finishes.

To find out more about creating customized presentation folders that really stand out from the crowd, explore our range of products and services or give us a call and speak to one of the friendly members of our team.

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