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Greetings cards not just for Christmas

Posted 14th September 2016

Greetings cards not just for Christmas

Though personalised greeting cards are of course a fantastic way to send your festive good wishes to customers and clients, carefully created and beautifully printed cards make effective and affordable marketing tools at other times of the year as well. Cards can be used for a variety of reasons, with their familiar aesthetic and creative touch helping to boost your company’s image and engage your customers on a more personal level.

If you’re currently planning a marketing campaign and are looking for a medium that’s just a little bit different, keep reading to find out how customised greetings cards could work for your business.

Adding a personal touch

Thanks to their familiar format, greetings cards are automatically a more personal way to communicate. Everyone will have a received a card at some point during their lives, and most people will have fond memories of opening Christmas and birthday cards in their younger years.

By using this much-loved format, you can borrow some of the good will that greetings cards have built up over the years. When your customers, clients and collaborators see the greetings card you’ve sent them, it will automatically bring back positive connotations and associations, something that can seriously boost your marketing campaign.

Huggies card design by Yurko Gutsulyak

Choosing a design

You can design your greetings cards in any way you want. Whether you’re using a team photo, an image of your products or even an illustration, the flexible format allows you to create a huge range of cards and aesthetics. If you have a few imaginative members of staff, you can ask them to create an original and eye-catching series of greetings cards that showcase your company’s personality and corporate image.

Cards for all occasions

There’s nothing like a greetings card for adding a sense of occasion to an everyday event. If you’re arranging a promotional mail out to your customer list or sending special offers to particularly loyal clients, using a greetings card instead of a flyer or brochure will get your recipients instantly interested in the contents and make them feel more connected and engaged with your company.

You can even run competitions where you ask the customers themselves to design your greetings cards. This can help to boost your company’s image, connect with your customer base and get existing and potential clients excited about your business.

If you’re interested in creating your own series of high quality, personalised greetings cards, give us a call today and talk to one of the members of our team about the great value services we offer.