How heavy is my brochure?

An important consideration when printing a brochure or leaflet for mailing will be its weight. If you are not using a mailing house and are handling the postage yourselves, here is a quick reference guide to calculate the weight of your final printed item.

The tables show five popular weights of paper and the total number of pages (not the number of sheets) for example an A4 sheet folded in half will have 4 pages. It assumes that booklets will be stapled, for a perfect binding add an extra 2 to 3g.

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The weights below are rounded to the nearest gram and are intended as a rough guide for posting one or two items.

 A5 Stapled brochure

   4p  8p  12p  16p  24p  32p  36p
 80gsm  5g  10g  15g  20g  30g  40g  45g
 100gsm  6g  12g  19g  25g  37g  50g  56g
 120gsm  7.5g  15g  23g  30g  45g  60g  67g
 170gsm  11g  16g  32g  42g  63g  85g  95g
 250gsm  16g  31g  47g  62g  93g  127g  140g


 A4 Stapled brochure

   4p  8p  12p  16p  24p  32p  36p
 80gsm  10g  20g  30g  40g  60g  80g  90g
 100gsm  12.5g  25g  38g  50g  75g  100g  112g
 120gsm  15g  30g  45g  60g  90g  120g  154g
 170gsm  21g  42g  64g  85g  127g  170g  191g
 250gsm  31g  63g  94g  125g  187g  250g  281g


 DL Folded or Stapled leaflet

   4p  6p  8p  12p  16p  24p
 80gsm  4g  5g  7g  11g  14g  22g
 100gsm  5g  7g  9g  13g  18g  26g
 120gsm  5g  8g  11g  16g  22g  32g
 170gsm  8g  11g  15g  23g  30g  56g
 250gsm  11g  17g  22g  33g  44g  66g


What is the weight of my envelope?

The weight of an envelope will vary depending type of envelope and the paper stock being used. As a rough guide, we have shown below the weight for a standard envelope without a gusset.

If you are using ready-made envelopes then ask your supplier for a weight, if you are having overprinted envelopes, or custom printed envelopes made to your requirements, then check with your printer.

 Standard envelope (no gusset)

   DL (110x120mm)  C5 (162x229mm)  C4 (229x324mm)
 80gsm  3g  8g  15g
 100gsm  4g  10g  18g
 120gsm  5g  12g  22g
 170gsm  7g  18g  31g


What is the thickness of my brochure?

The thickness of a brochure not only depends on the weight of the paper but its bulk, as the same weight can have a different thickness. So you must know what paper stock you are using to calculate its thickness.

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Your printer will be able to advise you on the best paper for your requirements and budget and should be able to supply you with the thickness and weight based on this material.

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