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Have you thought about print media to promote your website?

Posted 24th October 2016

Have you thought about print media to promote your website?

Though using analogue techniques to promote a digital product may not sound intuitive, print has been proven again and again to be an effective medium for raising brand awareness and crafting corporate identity. As well as being tactile and eye-catching, printed objects have a sense of longevity and trustworthiness that online marketing materials generally lack.

When they’re well designed and finished to a high standard, printed products can act as ambassadors for your business, helping to increase brand awareness, get your name out there and drive traffic to your website. Used in conjunction with a well-planned online marketing strategy, this can really help to boost brand recognition and get your business the attention it deserves.

Business cards

In general, people keep printed products for much longer than they keep a marketing email, a web link or an online ad. This makes print the ideal medium for networking as it gives your contact details a better chance of hitting their mark. If you’re heading to a conference, exhibition or industry event take a selection of beautifully designed, high quality business cards along with you and hand them out to the contacts you meet. Ensure the branding and design of your cards matches your website to give your corporate identity unity.


A brochure can be used very effectively as a tangible, analogue version of a website. Done well, it can showcase your products, your unique selling point and your company message, helping potential customers and collaborators to understand what you’re all about. Again, it’s a good idea to match your brochure to your website as much as possible, including links to relevant products, manuals and PDFs where necessary.

The better the quality of your brochure, the more faith potential customers will have in your business. They’ll see the time, effort and investment you’ve put into creating these good quality brochures and will automatically associate your business with high standards.

QR codes

If you want to direct traffic to your site more directly, you can use QR codes to help potential customers find your webpage. Place these graphic codes on posters, packaging and other printed products, using engaging design to catch customers’ eyes and encourage them to scan the code.

By using print as well as digital media to promote your website, you can cover all of the bases, reach a new audience and ensure your online presence gets the attention it deserves. To find out more about creating high quality print products, explore our site today or get in touch with a member of our team.