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5 Top Design Tips for Greetings Cards

Posted 3rd November 2016

5 Top Design Tips for Greetings Cards

With the holiday season just around the corner, businesses, artists and designers need to start planning their festive output. Whether they’re creating a range of business cards to sell, or they’re commissioning bespoke cards to send to clients, businesses and artists need to ensure their cards stand out from the crowd if they want to achieve the best results possible.

1. Make it personal

If you’re designing a card yourself, use the opportunity to make it personal. Take inspiration from your business, your location or your industry when creating the artwork for the card, using elements that mean something to you and your clients in the design.

If you have the time, try creating a selection of cards with designs relevant to different groups of recipients. For example, you could create one card for customers, one for suppliers and one for collaborators, with each design reflecting the unique aspects of that particular relationship.

2. Use good quality materials

Whenever you create printed marketing products, it’s a good idea to use the best quality materials you can afford. The same is true when it comes to greetings cards.

Opt for luxuriously thick card, good quality inks and an elegant envelope. This will help to create a great first impression when recipients open your card.

3. Make it original

If you want your cards to stand out, you need to ensure they’re completely original. Try to avoid festive clichés and tired motifs. If you are planning on using traditional imagery, look for imaginative and creative ways to put a twist on familiar ideas.

4. Don’t be a square

Just because it’s a card, doesn’t mean is has to be a square, or a rectangle for that matter. In fact, your original greeting card doesn’t have to be four sided or right-angled at all. Think about incorporating 3D shapes into your design, using your printer’s skills and experience to create cards that are truly unique. Use unusual shapes to complement your design by allowing recipients to reveal hidden elements as they unfold the card.

5. Select an elegant finish

As soon as a recipient picks up your card, they’ll be able to feel its quality. To ensure your greetings cards say all the right things about you or your business, make sure you select an elegant, sophisticated finish.

To add an extra flourish to your cards, you could include an embossed element in the design. Stylish and eye-catching, embossing is a great way to add something special to your printed product.

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