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A great brochure should be informative and aspirational

Posted 30th November 2016

A great brochure should be informative and aspirational

When done well, a brochure should be both informative and aspirational. Showcasing the benefits of a product line or service, a good brochure should engage the viewer and help to strengthen the relationship between consumer and company. 

In order for a brochure to achieve its full potential, designer, photographer, copywriter and client need to work closely together, collaborating on everything from the look of the printed product to its contents. When all of these elements come together, a brochure can be transformed from an everyday marketing tool into a deal-clincher, helping boost sales, improve brand awareness and get the company message across.

Beyond aesthetics

Though the aesthetics of a brochure are of course important, it’s crucial that the content is as well thought through as the design. The copywriting, information and data that a brochure contains all go a long way to inform the reader and make the piece a truly valuable object.

inspiring brochure layout

Make it stimulating

The more stimulating a brochure is, the more likely viewers will be to read it from cover to cover. No one wants to read endless technical details or work their way through complex text, so keep writing and information on point and focus on what’s really important in your brochure.

Use aspiring images

If a brochure is aspirational, it will encourage consumers to pick up the phone or go online and buy the products that are featured. It’s possible to make a brochure aspirational by using dynamic and imaginative text, inspirational photography and a sophisticated aesthetic. High quality materials will add to the gravitas of the printed product, helping it to feel more like a permanent piece than a throwaway print out.


Have a clear structure

To make it as easy as possible for readers to find what they’re looking for, it’s important that your brochure has a clear and intuitive structure. Designers should work closely with clients to create a structure that will showcase their products or services while also allowing customers to identify the pages they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Inspring brochure structure

Quality not quantity

When it comes to brochure design, quality definitely wins over quantity. Include too many pages, products, photos and graphics and your reader could easily feel overwhelmed. Instead, try to include only content that’s truly relevant to the brochure. Customers who are interested in your company can always get in touch when they want to know more.

In order to create a brochure that really stands out from the crowd, you need a print team that has experience, imagination and skill. To find out more take a look around our site or get in touch with us today.