Don’t ruin your mailing with a cheap manila envelope!

When designing a promotional mail out, you probably put most of your time and energy into creating eye-catching flyers, brochures and inserts for your customers to enjoy. And though these elements are very important, it’s crucial you don’t overlook the aesthetics of your packaging.

A major contributing factor to your customers’ first impressions of your business, your envelope choice speaks volumes about your ambition, your brand message and your style. To make sure you don’t ruin your mail out with a cheap manila envelope, here are our tips for creating a stylish design.

Stamps and stickers

Stamps and stickers can be used very effectively to add visual interest to the exterior of an envelope. One of the main benefits of using stamps and stickers is that they’re affordable, quick and eye-catching. Simply stamp or stick your specially created design to your packaging and transform your everyday manila envelope into a stylish element of your mail out. What’s more, as you can adjust your envelope embellishments for each mail out, it allows you to create bespoke designs every time you contact a client.


printed coloured envelopes


As most of the letters, flyers and brochures that land on companies’ doormats are contained within plain white or manila envelopes, any splash of colour you can add to your mail out will help it to stand out from the crowd. Block coloured envelopes are very effective in attracting attention and helping your mail out get noticed. Alternatively, you could use a bright pattern or logo to give your envelope the original aesthetic it needs.

Packaging materials

Though paper is the most common material for an envelope, there are no rules about what materials can and can’t be used to contain your mail out. Think about using materials that reflect your company’s ethos to give your marketing mail out an even more distinctive look. For example, if you consider yourselves environmentally friendly, you could use recycled cardboard or plastic, if you’re modern and cutting edge you could create envelopes using shiny foil, bubble wrap or other contemporary materials.

By thinking outside the box when designing the envelopes for your promotional mail out, you can help your next marketing campaign have an even bigger impact and help your company to get noticed.

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