Discover the flexibility of the square format for magazines and annual reports

Often the main objective of a marketing product is to stand out from the crowd and grab the viewers’ attention. So, whether it is a book, a magazine, a flyer, or a brochure, the more distinctive your publication the more likely it will get noticed.

Designers typically utilise colour, graphics, imagery, and finishes to distinguish their products. These techniques can work well, but there is an even simpler way to make your publication different and that is to change the format. A square style can be eye-catching alternative.

Example of a square format brochure

Choosing a size for your publication

The most popular sizes, for a square format magazine or annual report, are 210mm and 148mm. As most of the other reports and magazines are rectangular, this smaller size is a great way to make yours stand out. This difference in size could tempt the viewer to pick up your product and have a closer look.

The benefits of a smaller size

Not only is this format easy to handle, but an additional benefit of a more compact size is the reduction in weight, making them ideal for mailing. With increased postage costs in the UK, lowering these expenses will be an important consideration for many businesses.

Example of a square format annual report

More creative opportunities

It’s a great format for perfect bound publications like catalogues, prospectuses, and paperbacks that contain photos and illustrations. The flexibility of the square shape can allow designers to create a variety of interesting layouts. Which also makes it an ideal choice for hardback books, like the publications shown below.

Square format hardback book

Square format layouts - example spreads

So, when you create your next publication, consider using a square format - it is a fantastic way to give it a distinctive look and feel.

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