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Why isn't anyone picking up your brochure?

Posted 7th April 2017

Why isn't anyone picking up your brochure?

You think your brochure is awfully snazzy, but the problem is no one else does. Unfortunately, people do judge a brochure by its cover and if it isn’t appealing then people will throw your marketing efforts away or not pick them up in the first place.

Have you covered everything?

Your cover has to say a lot and not just with words. Rules are made to be broken, but before you do, make sure you know them. A brochure should have a snappy and concise title which says quite plainly what it is about. Set up your brochure like you would an essay, a report, or a website.  

Your purpose should be set out plainly on the cover of your brochure. Think about how news articles are written. Each story is outlined from the heading and a bit more detail from the first paragraph. As you read more of the story, all information is eventually given. Before you consider brochure printing, make sure the cover is the most well designed part of the whole product.

Your USP isn’t clear

Your brochure should serve a purpose, if it doesn’t it is just a waste of everyone’s time. If you make your unique selling point (USP) clear, then someone will know if your brochure is going to interest them.

Accidentally overwhelming

You have tried much too hard to impress. That’s understandable, you’re proud and excited about your business and you want everyone else to be as well. But this sort of brochure has the potential to put off clients. Invoking hundreds of superlatives - such as biggest, strongest, quickest, most ridiculous – won’t add benefit. They are hollow and can be meaningless and can detract from your message.

Too much jargon

Jargon is incredibly isolating. Unless it is useful and you know that everyone who will be reading your brochure is familiar with the words used, avoid jargon like the plague. Well written content won’t need to rely on jargon.

Proofread thoroughly to make sure that your brochure makes sense and remove anything that looks like jargon.

The never-ending brochure

You’ve produced a 24-page brochure on what your company does. It isn’t necessary and it’s highly off putting. Brochures don’t really need all that many words to make them effective.

Concision is a really important element of all writing, and adding pages for the sake of it won’t benefit your business or your customers. While the content might be interesting, if the header doesn’t justify the length then people will take one look at your brochure and walk away.

Size is important in all respects and if you produce something bulky it won’t be easy to carry.

Looks cheap

If you have a small budget for brochure printing, don’t make it obvious. There are ways to reduce brochure costs without compromising on design, but it will usually be more effective to pay slightly more for high quality design and better quality printing. You are likely to see a higher return on investment so the initial expenditure will be worthwhile.

Ultimately the design and the copy are equally important. The design will make your brochure stand out, but poor copy can let you down.

If your cover makes someone want to pick up your brochure, then half the battle is won.

If you want to get the best possible finish for your brochure, then contact our sales team. We can give you a competitive price without compromising quality.