How to reduce costs by using a Self-mailer

Often, direct mail content is contained within an envelope when it’s posted. Self-mailers don’t require envelopes, instead mailing addresses are printed directly onto them.

They can be a simple as a card printed both sides to something that is folded and sealed. A popular form of self-mailer incorporates a letter on the inside and a reply card that can be removed and posted back.

Example self mailer

How self-mailers reduce costs

If you decide to use self-mailers instead of traditional letters and envelopes you could save a money on your direct mail campaign. Without the need for envelopes and the cost needed to insert letters into envelopes it can make the whole process a lot more affordable. Self-mailers are often lighter than traditional direct mail which can reduce the cost of postage.

The benefits of using a self-mailer

As well as helping you to save money, self-mailers can help you to achieve better results from your campaign. As they’re not contained within an envelope, self-mailers are often more eye-catching than traditional mail. If you use original graphics, high quality images and get your design just right, you should find the majority of recipients take a look through your printed product when it drops through their door. This can help to boost response rates and could give you a better chance of boosting brand awareness through your campaign.

How to make your self-mailer stand out

Making your self-mailers stand out is key to the success of your direct mail campaign. Try to make your design as original as possible. As you’re not restricted by the shape and size of an envelope, you’re free to make your products as big, small or irregular as you want. Using unusual shapes and formats is an easy and effective way to grab attention and make your recipients take notice.

Using self-mailers is a great way to save money on your direct mail campaign without reducing its impact. To find out more, or to learn about the services we provide, explore our site or contact a member of our team.

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