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The Benefits of Short Run Book Printing

Posted 13th June 2017

The Benefits of Short Run Book Printing

Before digital printing, companies and individuals that wanted to produce books had to order large runs every time they went to print, as the expense and time taken for smaller production was just not as economical.

However, in recent years all that has changed. Digital printing now makes short runs of all sizes easy and affordable, offering customers increased flexibility and printers the opportunity to take on work that would previously have been too labour intensive. As well as increased affordability, there are a number of benefits of printing shorter runs. Here are some of the most important:

Reduced production time

Digital print runs are quick and easy to set up. This reduces production time and ensures you’ll have your printed products finished and ready to go as soon as possible.

Examples of perfect bound softback books

We can print perfect bound softback books in variety of different options, such as a durable laminated cover.


Though larger print runs still offer better value for money per unit, short run printing is now incredibly affordable, making it a realistic option for companies of all sizes. As less investment is needed for a short run, it reduces the amount of money a company will have to put into the print job.

Allows for new editions

Opting for shorter print runs makes it a lot easier to keep the content in your book up to date. If businesses only print 100 to 400 copies, they should be able to use them up before it’s time for an update. Minor updates can be made every time a small print run is ordered, helping the content to stay as informative and accurate as possible.

Reduced storage space

Storing thousands, or even tens of thousands of books requires a lot of storage space, with a short run, you won’t need as much space to store your printed books. This could be a very important consideration for companies with small offices and those who want to keep clutter to a minimum.

Less waste

Another benefit is that it helps to reduce waste. Companies are able to order fewer books, allowing them to sell or dispose of a run before content is out of date. This helps to reduce the chances of businesses being stuck with books they can’t use and ensures printers are able to minimise on unnecessary waste. Not only is this good for both you as a company and the printer, you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

Example hardback books

We can print hardback books in a variety of different options, such a woven or printed cover with a printed dust jacket.

Selecting the right process for your print run

Though digital is faster and more affordable for short print runs, as you begin to increase the volume of printed products produced, offset printing can become the more affordable option. Though the technique has greater initial setup costs, a large print run allows these costs to be spread over an increased number of books, making it a good choice for medium and large jobs.

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