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Save money on your printing by using a self-cover

Posted 21st July 2017

Save money on your printing by using a self-cover

If you are planning to print a brochure, newsletter or multi-page document then opting for a self-cover can be a wise choice. It can help reduce your print costs, speed up turn-around times and could even save on postage costs.

What is a self-cover?

It is a term that printers use to describe a cover that uses the same material as the rest of the publication.

Why use a self-cover?

There are many benefits, but the main reason is that it is more affordable. By using the same paper for the cover, the entire publication can be produced in one production run. The document will be printed, folded and stitched without the need to stop and insert a separate cover. This makes it ideal for regular publications or a document that needs mailing, such as a sales brochure or newsletter. You can get quicker turn-around times, lower print costs and a saving in weight that may also help reduce your postage costs.

If you are looking to save weight, then use our Brochure Weight Calculator it will give you an idea of the weight of your printed publication.

Online brochure weight calculator

So, are there any disadvantages?

A self-cover is less durable than having a separate cover, as a separate cover can have a heavier paper stock, and be finished in a protective laminate or UV varnish.

A light weight paper may not be suitable for a cover, so you may need to consider a slightly heavier paper stock for the whole document.

If you want to use a self-cover then this needs to be allowed for at the design stage. Any multi-page document has to have a multiple of 4 pages, for example 8 pages, 12 pages, 16 pages or 32 pages.

If you are unsure whether this will be suitable for your project, we will be happy to go through the different options available.  

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