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Save money on your printing by using popular paper sizes and materials

Posted 20th September 2017

Save money on your printing by using popular paper sizes and materials

One of the main costs in printing any publication will be materials. You can help to reduce these costs by choosing the most popular sizes, weights and paper stock.

Popular page sizes

In the UK we use international standard paper sizes. These ISO standard sizes includes A, B, C, RA and SRA paper sizes. The sizes that most people will be familiar with is A4 which is often used for letterheads, magazines and brochures. A5 is another popular size used for leaflets, mailings and notepads.

You may be less familiar with C sizes, but these are just as widely used as the A sizes. C sizes are mainly used for envelopes because they are slightly larger than the equivalent A sizes. So, an A5 folded leaflet or an A4 letterhead folded in half will also fit in to a C5 envelope.

Another popular size is DL, again this is size that is asociated with envelopes. But is also a size that is chosen for folded leaflets.

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Choosing the right materials

We are able offer a wide range of different paper stock, including textured materials and a variety of colours. These are available in different weights and finishes such as matt, silk or gloss. We can supply coated and uncoated paper as well as FSC approved sustainable materials – call us for more details.

We are happy to make recommendations on materials and supply you with a competitive print quote.

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