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Low cost, high quality digital printing service

Posted 9th January 2018

Low cost, high quality digital printing service

Fast and affordable, digital printing is a great option for short print runs. Unlike other printing techniques, digital printing is quick to set up, even for complex print publications like soft and hard back books. This allows us to turn your print run around quickly and professionally, so you can get on with your marketing or promotional campaign with all the materials you need.

To help you decide if digital printing is right for your next printed product, here’s a quick guide to the main benefits of the process.

Fast turnaround times

One of the biggest benefits of using digital techniques is that the set up and printing process is very fast compared to other printing methods. You still get very high-quality results when and the lead time is much shorter than using litho printing. This is because there’s no need to create printing plates so preparation time is kept to a minimum.

Affordable and reliable bespoke printing

As digital printing is quick and easier to set up, it’s a very affordable option for small print runs. If you or your business are planning on producing targeted mailings, a limited-edition print run, need to make regular updates to your publications or simply want a low quantity, then digital can be a good option.

Binding and finishing options

Our digital printing service not only offers very high-quality results but we offer a wide variety of binding and finishing options. Saddle stitching and perfect binding are ideal for magazines, brochures and leaflets.

We can also digital print and bind both hardback and softback books. We provide a full range of finishing options such as matt and gloss varnishes and laminations.

Konica digital printing press

Digital book printing

Digital printing is the ideal choice for self-publishing authors and organisations that want to produce short print runs. The flexibility the process offers means clients can create a publication that suits their needs and their budget perfectly allowing them to produce beautifully designed and well-printed books whenever they need to.

Best of both worlds

If required we can combine digital and litho printing together in one publication. Our production team can advise on the best processes for your needs.

To find out more about the benefits of digital printing, or for help and advice on planning a publication of your own, get in touch with one of the expert members of the Swallowtail Print team.