A brochure to inspire the next generation

This brochure was printed for the Latymer Foundation in London to promote the launch of their Inspiring Minds fundraising campaign. The foundation wanted a high-end 8-page brochure that they could send out to supporters.

The brochure took the form of a folder with an extra 4 pages stapled inside. It was slightly larger than A4 and incorporated a glued pocket on the inside back cover for adding inserts.

An uncoated 300gsm was used for the cover, which was sealed and then foil blocked in silver. The inside pages were printed in 4 colour CMYK on a matching uncoated stock. The cover was printed in 5 colours, using an additional Pantone for the front and back to give it richer depth of colour and enhance the style and feel of the brochure.

Latymer Inspiring minds brochure

The Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith supports both Latymer Upper and Prep Schools. Its history dates back to 1624, when it was created by the bequest of Edward Latymer, to provide clothing and education for “eight poore boyes” from Hammersmith. Today their aim is to ensure that any child that excels in the entrance process can access a Latymer education regardless of their financial circumstances. The Inspiring Minds campaign aims to double the funding available for bursaries and to underpin that funding in the long-term by building an endowment.

Visit the Latymer Foundation website.

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