New Speedmaster XL106 to arrive later this year.

Over the next few months we will be replacing our older XL75 and XL 105 presses with a Heidelberg XL 106 Speedmaster, high performance five colour press. As part of our latest investment we are also installing a Muller Martini Primera saddle stitcher. These new acquisitions will help us speed up production and streamline workflow.

The XL106 is due for delivery in September and will also include a coating unit. It will incorporate Heidelberg’s latest Push to Stop technology that allows uninterrupted productivity by allowing a fully automated workflow. The built in DryStar dryer technology of the XL106 reduces throughput times by speeding up the drying process. The benefits are not just in time, the system will also maximise energy efficiency.

Arriving this month is a Muller Martini Primera saddle stitcher it will replace a Heidelberg ST400. Its improved capacity will enable quicker changeovers between jobs and improve production times.

Controlling production using Push to Stop

Replacing the two older Speedmaster presses, with the more efficient single press will let us maximise our 1,400sqm factory floor space. Our production director, James Baxter, said “There are no downsides to bringing in this new machine, and we have bought it with all the bells and whistles. It will come with Push to Stop technology which will be helpful for reducing makeready times as we send several jobs down the line at once. If we can save two minutes on each makeready, this will add up over 200 or 300 makereadies.”

With the arrival of the XL 106 later in the year, we will be looking to widen our services to customers in London. To assist with this expansion, we are taking on a new sales person for London and the surrounding areas.

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