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A soft cover is a popular choice for printed books, as it offers a practical, lower cost alternative to case bound books. With a variety of durable and soft touch finishes available, it provides a clean and professional finish at a more affordable price.

Although they are similar to paperbacks, softback books will often have a thicker, more durable cover, which is varnished or laminated.

Softcover books

Types of cover finishes

To prevent the cover from marking, it will be sealed with an aqueous coating or a UV varnish. A more durable solution is to laminate the outer cover. This gives it more strength and better protection against marks and abrasions. Gloss laminate is a popular choice because it also enhances the colours and images. There are also several other laminates available, such as soft touch, which is a matte finish with a velvety feel.

We also offer customers a range of oxo-biodegradable alternatives for laminating. These are available in matte or gloss and provide excellent protection and durability, while reducing the potential long-term environmental impact of our products.

For more details see Brochure cover finishes

Perfect bound publications

Perfectly printed and bound

All our softback books are perfect bound, which is ideal for publications with between 32 and 240 pages. The benefits of perfect binding are the key to its popularity, such as allowing larger quantities to be printed with a quick turnaround time.

We use high-performance lithographic printing presses with impress print colour management to maintain high-quality standards throughout production. Our facilities allow us to print large or small quantities, however, our minimum order is 25 copies.

Sample softback books

We print a wide variety of publications for businesses, organisations and design agencies throughout the UK. So, if you're looking for a printer for your next book, we are always happy to discuss your requirements, advise you on the best finishes and materials to choose, and provide you with a competitive quote.

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