Tips for Printing Brochures for Your Business

A brochure can serve a multitude of purposes for any business and there are a huge array of different formats that you can pick from that will help your brochure printing stand out above the crowd. For example, you could choose from sharp bold prints or big bold colours or even quirky designs.

Brochures are a fairly cost effective way for any company to carry and promote a message. And the turnaround time on brochure printing is quick too. There is seldom a long lead time in the printing industry and loads of agencies are happy to take an order and print off the first batch of brochures relatively quickly. This works out well if you have an upcoming promotion or event that needs advertising and you need to get your hands on brochures in a short space of time.

Due to the cost effectiveness of brochure printing, this medium is a popular choice with smaller to medium businesses. Brochures allow you to list basic information about your brand, service or product and provide your contact information so that customers and potential clients can learn enough about you to entice them getting in touch.

Here’s a tip: always thoroughly and carefully check the proof that you are sent before signing off on the printing process. Read everything carefully to avoid spending a fortune on reprints for a simple spelling error and the like.

Why Choose A Brochure?

If you are having a sale or launching a new product or service or even attending a trade show or exhibition, brochures can be extremely useful.

Here’s another tip: make the middle of your brochure the main focus – whether you’re launching something new or offering an exciting discount. Brochures need to be eye catching and draw prospects in to get them to pay attention.

Also give your brochure a call to action, such as “call us for more” or “present this print for a discount”. Whether prospects choose to act on it is up to them, but at least you will manage to reach them.

Brochure Printing for Maximum Exposure

There are a variety of ways of getting your brochures to your target audience. You can hand deliver them, make use of a leaflet distribution company, post them or display them at counters or in your reception.

The amount of people your brochure printing endeavours reach will depend on the route you choose for dissemination. So it is important to consider your entire strategy and what it is you wish to achieve before making a final decision. You won’t want to waste resources and funds.

Brochures ready for sending

Prior to Distribution

Finally, before you send out the brochures, make sure that you have included enough information. If you’re offering something, ensure that the material clearly explains how people can take advantage of the offers and what they need to do next or where they can reach you.

If you have included everything necessary, chances are you have a great brochure that is ready to for your target market.

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