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What's the best size for my poster printing?

Posted 14th February 2014

What's the best size for my poster printing?

The first thing to say is that there are no set rules for poster sizes, and there are a variety of sizes to choose from. Think about the purpose of your poster: maybe you are advertising your product, or promoting an event? Or creating a beautiful art poster for someone to buy and hang on their wall?

Swallowtail Print is a Norwich printing company with many years’ experience of quality poster printing.  Our team can give helpful advice on all aspects of poster printing, so why not contact us to discuss your project’s requirements?

Here are some things to think about when choosing a size for your poster printing:

Posters for outdoors

Maybe your target audience is the shopper in the high street. Posters for shop windows need to be big enough to catch someone’s attention, without blocking too much of the window display behind them! An A3 or A2 poster is perfect – and you can add smaller text for when people stop to look.

If you want to catch the attention of motorists, then bigger is definitely better! It’s common to see small A4 posters on wooden placards on the grass verge beside the road… but if you’re driving past at even quite low speeds, it’s still nearly impossible to catch all the details. A motorist often only has a split second to scan your poster (unless they’re stuck in a traffic jam!), so make sure your poster is big enough and your information clear enough.

Posters for indoors

Poster Schoolbook FontThink about where you intend to place your poster – maybe in schools, offices or community centres? If your poster is to be put up on noticeboards, how big is your space and how crowded is it already? Your A4 poster on a board covered with other A4 posters may not stand out very well.

If you decide to go for a small poster, try taking the two-step test: print out a test copy, stick it on the wall and then take a couple of steps away from it – is your poster big enough to grab your attention? If not, then passers-by may not notice it either. Maybe you need to consider printing a bigger size.

Maybe you wish to promote your business or product at an exhibition or trade fair with several large posters – Swallowtail can supply both B1 and A1 poster printing. We can supply short-run printing, as well as high volume printing, so if you only need a few posters for a specific event, have a chat to our friendly team.

Art poster

First Sport Wall PosterPerhaps you don’t want to create an advertising poster, but a work of art, something that people will simply want to buy to display in their homes or offices. Here you need to think carefully about the size: too small and your artwork won’t have the impact you hope for; too big and it could become impractical or unwieldy, or too expensive to frame. Choose a size, such as an A1 poster, which will fit into a readily available sized frame so that your customers aren’t put off by having to purchase a bespoke frame.

Swallowtail has plenty of expertise when it comes to A1 poster printing, with customers across London, Cambridge and Norwich. Not only can our experienced team help you decide on the optimum size for your poster, we can also suggest various high quality papers and finishes, so that your artwork comes alive with true to life colours. Contact us today to discuss your poster printing.

Images courtesy of Behance:
Dublin Flea Market PosterFirst Sport Wall PosterPoster Schoolbook font