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Swallowtail Print's top tips for designing your printed poster

Posted 14th March 2014

Swallowtail Print's top tips for designing your printed poster

Swallowtail Print is a Norwich printing company with many years’ experience of high quality poster printing.  Our team can give helpful advice on all aspects of poster printing, including design consultation for an optimised finish. Why not contact us to discuss your project’s requirements?

Here are some of our tips and suggestions when designing your poster:

Choosing colours for your poster

WrightMaybe you want to use colours from your brand palette, or just bright colours to attract people’s attention. The most important factors are:

  • ensure that your colour choices aid legibility. For example, red text on a blue background is hard to read, even close up.
  • ensure your colours reinforce your message and don’t detract from it. It would be very unusual to see neon pink on a poster advertising funeral directors!

Swallowtail Print have nearly 200 years’ experience of poster printing in London, Cambridge and Norwich, so whatever your colour choices, you can be confident that your posters will be printed with sharp, true-to-life colours.

Poster text

ElectroThe most obvious thing to say about the words on your poster is that they need to be legible. The font should be large enough to be seen from distance and easy to read – using only capital letters or italics makes it harder to read. Some other things to think about:

  • Poster heading – sometimes a heading is all you need on a poster. It needs to be well-positioned and explain your message quickly and economically. If a reader’s attention isn’t grabbed by your heading, they may lose interest instantly.
  • Main copy – ideally, someone should be able to take in all the information on your poster in just a few seconds. Therefore try and restrict your copy to just the essentials in as few words as you can. Sometimes, though, this simply isn’t possible, so you need to arrange your information in a very clear layout for the reader; if you have a lot of information to impart, then using bullet points, or may be a table, is clearer than a dense paragraph of text.
  • Call to action – if you want a response from your reader, make it as easy as possible for them. If you want them to call in to your premises, then make your map or address very clear. Or if you want them to contact you, then your web address or phone number need to be prominent.

Poster images

WilshireFinally, think carefully about your poster image and the message you are trying to convey. Will your image be humorous or more subtle? Visually striking or gently appealing? Large to create impact, or smaller to give more prominence to the text? The important thing is that your image is not boring or irrelevant to your message.

If you don’t have a suitable image of your own, consider using a stock library image instead. And make sure your image is high resolution; a low res image can come out blurred or pixelated once enlarged to poster size.

If you need advice on image resolution, or any other aspect of your poster printing project, please contact Swallowtail and chat it through with our experienced and helpful team. Swallowtail can supply various sizes up to B1 and A1 poster printing with a variety of high quality finishes on a range of paper types.


Images courtesy of Behance:

Wilshere, Electro, Wright