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Top Tips for Creating Successful Direct Mail

Posted 17th February 2015

Top Tips for Creating Successful Direct Mail

The perfect way to connect with your target audience on a personal level, direct mail has a huge amount of potential for driving sales, increasing brand awareness and boosting customer loyalty.

However, in order for a direct mail marketing campaign to be successful, you need to make sure that the content you’re sending to people’s homes and offices is relevant, eye-catching and interesting, something that requires a lot of thought, planning and specialist knowhow.

Make a good first impression

When most people take a look at their post, they make instant assumptions about what it contains. Whether it’s invoices, payments, junk or promotions, most recipients will judge your mail before they’ve even opened it.

To make sure your mail gets noticed, put some serious thought into your envelopes, branding and presentation. Making a letter look exciting and interesting will encourage recipients to open it and read its contents.

Put your reader first

Sending mail direct to someone’s home or office is a personal touch. To keep this feeling of intimacy going once the recipient has opened their mail you need to make sure you put the reader first in all your copy, branding and marketing.

Think about why they want to hear from you, what they can get out of the situation and what they may think about your offer, promotion or notice. By putting the reader first in this way, your direct marketing campaign is much more likely to be successful.

Get your message across

Get your message across

Even if your mail looks interesting, most people won’t read past the first few lines so getting your message across quickly and succinctly is a must if you want to engage your audience.

Call to action 

When creating a direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to combine it will a call to action. Whether it’s a limited-time offer, discount voucher or other promotion, giving your customers a reason to get in touch now will help your campaign to be a success.

Eye-catching design

Not only will an eye-catching design make recipients more likely to read your mail, it will also reflect well on your company as a whole.

A well designed, well laid out and professional looking product will give the impression that your company is ambitious, innovative, has high standards and is worth working with.

Involve your printer

With a vast amount of experience creating direct mail campaigns, there are few things your printer won’t know about the medium. Use their experience and their knowledge to create a well rounded and well targeted campaign, and use their services to ensure your product looks as good as possible. At Swallowtail Print we are always happy to offer advice.

Affective, affordable and proven to have an impact, direct mail is one aspect of marketing that your business can’t afford to ignore.

So before you plan your next marketing campaign give us a call. Our sales team are on hand to help.