Adding a Touch of Class - the right finishing touches can make a big difference

Whenever you’re designing a professional product like a brochure, a business card or company report, creating a classic, sophisticated and stylish finished look is essential.

Though much of this professional look will be achieved through the initial graphic design, it’s possible to add a huge amount of detail and some great finishing touches during the printing process itself.

From die-cutting to laminating and blind embossing to foil blocking, printers have a huge variety of techniques available to them that can help your project to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re designing a professional product of your own, why not get your printer involved and see if you can create something just a little be special?

Stylish hardcase book finished in white

Style and design

Wording is an incredibly important part of any professional document, especially business cards and brochures. Using printing techniques to highlight and enhance the text is an easy and effective way to make your product stand out without the use of bold colours.

Blind embossing, embossing and spot UV varnishing work especially well with business cards and front covers, helping text to stand out from the background without detracting from the product’s aesthetic or integrity.

Stylish hardcase book finished in black

A professional finish

The finish of a professional document has a significant and instant impact on its look and feel and on the impression it gives to its recipients. By using print techniques to enhance a document’s finish, you can ensure it creates a fantastic first impression and the right aesthetic for your business.

Laminate, UV varnishing and foil blocking can all be used very effectively to create an eye-catching finish. The extent to which you choose to use these techniques will alter the look of your document, allowing you to tailor printing methods to suit your needs.

Metallic printed label

Elegance and sophistication

Using printing techniques rather than graphic design to enhance the look and feel of a document is an almost guaranteed way to add a touch of class to the finished result. Not only will it show clients, colleagues and collaborators that you can think outside the box, it will ensure that your business cards, brochures and reports really stand out from the crowd. This is especially relevant if you’re attempting to create a more refined visual identity for your business, one that will tell clients you’re a cut above and create an instantly recognisable brand.

To find out more about available printing techniques and how they can be used to enhance your next project, give us a call.

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