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Big, Bold and Attention Grabbing - Larger Format Posters

Posted 27th April 2015

Big, Bold and Attention Grabbing - Larger Format Posters

If there’s one thing you want from an advertising campaign, its attention. Without a few attention-grabbing images, slogans and messages, the public is unlikely to take notice of your campaign and there’s a good chance all of your hard work and careful planning will be for nothing.

If you’re promoting a local event, an in store product offer or an international product launch, one of the best ways of raising awareness is to use some eye-catching images and imaginative text to create some attention grabbing posters.

Big, bold and impossible to miss, posters are a fantastic way to get your message across and ensure your next advertising campaign is a success.

Popular posters sizes

Both A1 (841 x 594mm) and A2 (594 x 420mm) are standard poster sizes and ideal for most promotional campaigns - big enough to catch the viewer’s eye without dominating the space.

These sizes are also a popular choice for large decorative wall and art posters. However we can also print other sizes if required.

Large format digital and litho printing

We can print from 1 to 100,000 posters either digitally or on our litho presses. Usually the choice will depend on the size, quantity and quality you need.

Design and materials

If you’re not used to working in such a large format, creating an eye-catching, clear and effective design can be difficult. At Swallowtail Print we have our own design and production team, who can advise on everything from large format scanning, to supplying print ready files.

And with a wide choice of premium quality materials and finishes available we can help you choose the best options for your design.

See our poster printing service for more details or call us for more information.