The Underestimated Envelope

Though we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, most of us still do judge our post by its envelopes. Plain, dull envelopes with little rectangular windows scream ‘bill’ and cheap, tacky envelopes make us think ‘spam’.

On the other hand, high quality, nicely designed stationery is a little more intriguing and most people would think twice before throwing an elegant and eye-catching envelope in the bin.

Putting a bit more thought, time and energy into creating envelopes that stand out from the crowd that’s crammed through your target market’s letterbox and could help to transform your direct marketing campaign and give your company the boost it needs to succeed.


There’s nothing like a splash of colour to help differentiate your mail shots from the spam, invoices and bills businesses are used to receiving.

Coloured envelopes or bright logos will help to attract your recipient’s eye, ensuring that they give your letter a better chance of being read rather than just immediately recycled.

If possible, avoid using too many different colours as this can make your direct mail look more like spam.



Placing your logo or company name prominently on your envelope will help to make it look more important and more trustworthy. It should also help to build your brand identity.

You can use your company name or logo to introduce colour to the envelope and give it a more distinct design. Don’t be afraid to use large logos or text as this can make your envelope even more distinctive.



If you’re sending mail shots to companies that you haven’t had previous contact with, placing a section of text or a tagline on the envelope can help to get your message across even before the letter has been opened.

Use a short, punchy phrase that describes exactly what your company does. Try to engage the recipient as quickly as possible, giving them a reason to open your envelope and discover what’s inside.


Envelopes that are odd sizes are generally more gaze-grabbing than standard envelopes.

This might be because they instantly remind us of Christmas or birthday cards, but often recipients are more likely to notice and to open an envelope that is not a standard size.

Try using square envelopes, oversized envelopes or small envelopes, adjusting your text and logo to complement your chosen format.

Unfoldable envelope

Remember Manila is so vanilla!

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