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Savvy Ways to Measure the Success of Printed Materials and Drive Business

Posted 7th August 2015

Savvy Ways to Measure the Success of Printed Materials and Drive Business

In order to make your marketing campaign as efficient and as effective as possible, you need to know exactly how well your promotional materials are performing and how big a difference they’re really making to your sales.

By understanding how your customers and potential customers interact with your printed promotional materials, you can streamline your marketing strategy, boosting your business and ensuring that all future campaigns have an even better chance of success.

Incentives on event flyers

If you’re planning an event like a concert, festival, market or pop-up shop, you’ll probably be using flyers to increase awareness and attract as many people as possible on the day.

By placing an offer, special deal or other incentive on the flyer itself, you can see how effective this specific marketing measure was in boosting numbers at your event. As people take advantage of the incentive, you can keep track of how many extra attendees your flyers brought in.

What’s more, anyone with a flyer will feel more valued and more welcome at your event, especially if the incentive that you offer is significant.

Using a coupon code on a promotional brochure

Coupon codes

Codes are an easy and effective way to monitor the success of a marketing campaign. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you can place a special discount or limited offer code on your printed materials before sending them out to clients.

By monitoring each occasion that your customers redeem their codes, whether online or in store, you can measure the success of your campaign and give your clients a reward for their loyalty and custom.

As well as helping you to keep track of the success of your printed promotional materials, this technique can really help to drive sales as people are much more likely to visit a new website or buy from a new business if they get something in return.

QR codes

Placing QR codes onto flyers, letters, brochures and even business cards will help you to see how effectively your printed materials connect with your target audience.

If you create QR codes that take users to a specific part of your website, you can track how many people actually read and take in the information on your printed materials. Use an incentive like a limited time offer or discount to encourage more people to scan the code.

Printed promotional materials are an essential part of most marketing campaigns. To make sure yours are hitting the mark, talk to Swallowtail Print about our high quality speciality products.