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Seal the Deal with Presentation Folders

Posted 15th July 2015

Seal the Deal with Presentation Folders

In the world of business, first impressions are everything. Whether it’s the firmness of your handshake, the design of your website or the cleanliness of your office, customers, colleagues and clients are quick to judge and slow to forget.

If you’re planning a conference, meeting or sales pitch and want to make sure you get your first impression just right, you have to pay attention to the details. Things that some people may think are irrelevant can prove crucial, helping to seal the deal and ensure your company comes out on top.

One such detail is the humble presentation folder. An essential part of any corporate event, an eye-catching, high quality folder will help to get your meeting, event or pitch off to a great start and ensure every recipient gets a great impression of your business.

Presentaion folder with matt laminated and gloss spot varnish

Attention to detail

If you’re pitching to a new client or trying to impress a potential collaborator, showing that you and your business can pay attention to every detail will make a great first impression.

Where many businesses will try to save money and cut corners on things like presentation folders, you can show that you think differently. By putting a bit of thought and creativity into design, you can help your business show that you’re the type of business willing to pop their head above the parapet and go the extra mile.

Presentaion folder with simple design


Investing in good quality presentation folders will give recipients the impression that your company has high standards and high aspirations.

The moment that recipients handle a good quality presentation folder, they’ll understand that you mean business. Beautifully designed and produced presentation folders shout quality, something that is bound to reflect well on you and your company.

If you’re pitching for a new job or contract, high quality presentation folders will send the message that you’ll offer a high quality service, something that is guaranteed to be good for business.

Document folder simple design with bold colours


If you have confidence in your brand, potential customers and clients are more likely to trust in your business.

Stylish presentation folders give the impression of confidence. After all, if you weren’t sure that your company was the best in the market place, why go to all the trouble of creating stand out folders?

As well as making a great first impression, well made and beautifully designed presentation folders can help you to seal the deal and boost your business. Giving your company the resources and the custom it needs to grow, this humble marketing tool can make the difference between success and failure.

To find out more or to create a stunning presentation folder of your own, get in touch with Swallowtail Print today. Or see High Quality Printed Folders for more information.