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Greetings Cards - Traditional printed cards are more popular than ever

Posted 28th September 2015

Greetings Cards - Traditional printed cards are more popular than ever

For a short while, when emails were still a novelty and having moving images on your computer screen was still mesmerising, E-cards looked like they were going to overtake traditional greetings cards in popularity and put an end to their printed predecessors for good. However, once we all got a bit more used to the internet and emails became a nuisance rather than a pleasure, we realised just how much nicer it was to receive a card in our letter box rather than our inbox.

Fast forward a few years and greetings cards are more popular than ever, bringing birthday wishes, Christmas greetings and congratulations to millions of people around the world.

Why are greetings cards still so popular?

With so many bills, invoices and official documents dropping through the letterbox every day, it makes a nice change to have a greeting card come through the door.

As it takes time to buy and send a card, it shows a level of thoughtfulness that emails, and text messages simply don’t have. When someone receives a greetings card, they know that the sender has taken the time to select the card, fill in a message and send it.

What’s more, if a card arrives in time for a special occasion, it shows that the sender has planned their greeting card and made the effort to get it in the post at just the right time.

Creating your own greetings cards

The only thing better than receiving a greetings card is receiving a personalised greetings card. Businesses, organisations and individuals can use printing companies like Swallowtail Print to create stunning greetings cards complete with their own image, text and message.

Short runs of personalised cards are available from Swallowtail Print throughout the year, the perfect way to show your customers, colleagues or loved ones that you care.

Greetings cards as a promotional tool

With the opportunities that it offers for networking and personalisation, the greetings card has always been a powerful promotional tool.

Creating eye-catching and original cards will help businesses to stand out from the crowd, ensuring that their customers remember them and don’t put their correspondence in the bin.

As well as adding a personal touch to your business relationship, greetings cards are perfect for reminding your customers about your services or products and for ensuring that they have your business contact details to hand.

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