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Poster Design & Printing - from the Famous to the Fabulous

Posted 21st September 2015

Poster Design & Printing - from the Famous to the Fabulous

Over the years, designers, advertisers and governments have regularly used posters to get their message to the masses.

From the iconic posters of World War One and World War Two to the rock and roll posters of the 1970s, the last century saw some of the best and most innovative poster designs of all time.

If you’re currently trying to create a stand out design of your own, here are some famous and fabulous posters for a bit of inspiration.

Your Country Needs You poster

Your Country Needs You, 1914

Simple, clear and to the point, the famous poster depicting Lord Kitchener and the words “Your Country Needs You” spearheaded an incredibly successful recruitment drive at the start of the First World War.

The most famous version of the poster was printed in colour with the text in red and blue writing. Similar posters were also used in America to promote recruitment and help the war effort.

We can do it! poster

We Can Do It, 1943

Based on a black and white photograph of a Michigan factory worker named Geraldine Hoff, the iconic “We Can Do It” poster was produced by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse Electric in 1943.

Designed to encourage more women into the workforce during the peak of the war years, the poster was rediscovered in the early 1980s and widely published around the world.

Che-Guevara poster

Che Guevara, Guerrillero Heroico, 1960s

At one point in time, this iconic portrait of revolutionary leader Che Guevara hung on the wall of almost every student bedroom in the world.

Taken from a photograph by Alberto Korda, the image shows a young Che Guevara staring determinedly into the distance. Normally printed in black and white with red block colour, the poster is one of the most iconic of the 20th century.

Rolling Stones poster

Rolling Stones, Tongue and Lip Design, 1971

Designed by John Pasche in 1971, the simple tongue and lip design of this famous poster is instantly recognisable to this day.

Created as a logo for the Rolling Stones, the image encapsulated the rebellious nature of the era, with the tongue and lips inspired by Mick Jagger’s own unique facial features.

Conservative campaign poster

Labour Isn’t Working, 1979

Designed by advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi for the 1979 General Election, “Labour Isn’t Working” features a snaking line of jobseekers queuing for the unemployment office.

Though it was later revealed that the people featured in the photograph were volunteers from the local Conservative Club, the damage was done and Margaret Thatcher came to power in a landslide victory.

One thing that almost all famous poster designs have in common is simplicity. A clear, concise message backed up with a strong visual is enough to engage the viewer and ensure that they remember what your poster is promoting.

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