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Design Tips for Calendars - Banish the Bland and Embrace the Bold

Posted 8th October 2015

Design Tips for Calendars - Banish the Bland and Embrace the Bold

Displayed on the walls of offices up and down the country throughout the year, calendars make great corporate gifts and fantastic marketing products.

Sending calendars out to your most valued customers and suppliers will help to ensure that they always have your contact details to hand and that your company name is always the first that springs to mind.

As some companies receive a number of corporate calendars over the festive period, creating a design that’s attractive, original and practical is a must. As it’s now the perfect time to start planning your corporate creations, we’ve put together a few design tips for cracking calendars.

2016 Wall calendarShow off

Think of the calendar as your portfolio and then decide which images, products or photos best describe your business and show off its talents. Whether you’re a clothes shop, a café, a garage or a hairdressers, try to fill your pages with your very best work.

Though it’s important not to go too over the top, calendars are the perfect tools for reminding your customers and suppliers why they choose to work with your business.


If the industry that your company is involved in isn’t obviously visual, try using an illustrator to create eye-catching images and use these in place of photos.

These illustrations can relate to anything from the business that you’re in to the month that’s being displayed. A good illustrator may even be able to combine the two, giving you a calendar that’s relevant, attractive and original.

Handing Wall CalendarLayout

Instead of opting for a traditional calendar layout with one month to each page, why not opt for a design that’s just a little bit different?

At one end of the scale you have wall charts. Large, practical and imposing, wall charts are very popular at the moment and so are a good choice for companies that want a contemporary product.

Alternatively, if you like your calendars a little more subtle, choose a flip design that displays just one day at a time. Ideal for desktops and reception areas, these pint size printed products are a stylish and original option.

Go high end

High end products always send out a more confident and positive message, so make sure you use the best quality ink, paper and binding that you can afford.

The people receiving your calendar will be able to tell instantly if you’ve skimped on production quality, so make sure that your product is something that you can really be proud of.

Here at Swallowtail Print we have many years of experience in producing calendars that can confidently compete for that coveted spot on your customers wall, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or advice creating your calendar.