Statement Stationery - Design Tips and Hints

When planning your marketing and design strategy, it can be all too easy to focus on your business’ online presence. And though it’s true that websites, online shops and social media profiles need to look great, it’s incredibly important that you don’t neglect your stationery in the process.

From letterheads and compliment slips to envelopes and invoices, your stationery is sent out to customers and suppliers every day of the week. By creating a few statement pieces, you can ensure that your correspondence stands out from the crowd and that your name and your brand are never forgotten.

Keep it simple

The customers and suppliers receiving your letters, invoices, purchase orders and compliment slips probably see hundreds of pieces of personalised stationery every week. If you make your design too complicated it will be lost in the mix and could well be over looked.

Not only are clear, simple designs generally more eye-catching, they are also more modern, helping your company to build a contemporary image and a strong identity.


Make it colourful

Apart from the endless amounts of junk mail that still seem to drop through the office door every day, most of the post that companies receive is relatively drab. Black, white and grey designs are often the order of the day, with many companies relying on strong graphic design instead of colour to make their post stand out.

Use a few splashes of bright, bold colour on your letterheads to give your pieces a more positive aesthetic and make them instantly recognisable.

Include contact details

If you want your statement stationery to work even harder, include your contact details clearly in the design.

Whether it’s a phone number, email address or even a Twitter handle, giving your customers a way to get in touch will allow you to get more use out of your correspondence.


Make it high end

To make your personalised pieces really stand out, you need to make sure that you use the best materials around.

Thick, luxurious envelopes, high quality paper and expert printing will send out a strong positive message about your business, telling your customers and your suppliers that you’re confident, bold and have good attention to detail.

To find out more about creating a stylish set of statement stationery, get in touch with the team at Swallowtail Print and we’ll help you to design and build a collection to be proud of.

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