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Stand out from your Clients' Christmas Card Crowd!

Posted 10th December 2015

Stand out from your Clients' Christmas Card Crowd!

With the festive season fast approaching, businesses up and down the country will soon be putting the finishing touches to their Christmas card designs and sending them out to clients, customers and collaborators throughout the UK.

Over the next few weeks, most businesses will receive hundreds of corporate cards, many of which will be specially designed and printed for the occasion. If you want your cards to stand out from the Christmas crowd, you need to make sure your design is just that little bit different.

Use quality print materials

As soon as recipients touch your cards they’ll be able to judge their quality, and the money and effort you’ve put into them, from the quality of the paper.

In general, the thicker the card you use the higher quality your products will feel. Talk to your printer about finding the right balance between quality and cost and always try to invest in the highest quality product that you can afford.

Simple Christmas Card on quality print stock

Add the finishing touches

Another factor that will affect your recipients’ first impressions of your festive greetings card is its finish. Bright, bold and shiny cards may be eye-catching, but on closer inspection can look cheap and tacky.

Cards with a matt or satin finish often look more sophisticated, and will stand out from all of the other designs with a gloss finish.

metallic printed greetings card

Use a professional designer

The design of your company Christmas cards will be their most important feature. To ensure that they stand out for all of the right reasons, make sure that you use high quality images, professional graphics and a stylish design.

If there’s no one in your office who is trained and experienced in design, it’s a good idea to pay a professional to come up with a Christmas creation. If you try to cut costs by having a go yourself, your design could well end up looking amateurish, something that could damage the image of your company.

Have your cards personalised

If you’re going to the effort of designing and printing your own company Christmas cards, make sure that you take full advantage of the marketing opportunity your festive mail out presents.

Incorporate elements of your company or industry into your design, using images, text and logos that your customers and clients will be able to identify and relate to.

Digital printing presses will allow each card to be printed with the name of the person you are sending a card too – if you are a business with a lot of customers not only it could save you time but add that personal touch.

Creating high quality, personalised cards is a fantastic way to promote your business over the festive period. To find out more see Greeting Card printing.