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A simple guide to uploading files

Posted 18th January 2016

A simple guide to uploading files

Here are a few simple steps for uploading files:

Please note: that you must have Adobe Flash plugin installed and enabled in your browser to be able to upload files.

Step 1

Choose Client area from the top menu. Then enter your username and password to log in
(your username will be your email address).

If you do not have log in details or have trouble logging in then contact

Step 2

Next you need select an existing folder or create a new folder. Type in the name of the folder you want and click ADD.

create new folder

Step 3

Next you must select this folder (as shown below) and then click on the SELECT FILES button to choose the files you want to upload to this folder. You can select multiple files and you will be shown a progress bar for each file as they upload. Once uploaded they will appear in a list on the screen.

select folder

Additional steps

To remove a file click on the X on the right. To create or select another folder click on your email address (as shown below). Please note that folders cannot be deleted.

select another folder

Once you have finished uploading your files we will receive a notification from the system. If you want to confirm that we have received them give us a call on 01603 868 862.