More creative ways to make your brochure standout

Though most brochures are 20-30 pages long, filled with images and text and finished with an eye-catching front cover, there’s no need for all of them to look alike. In fact, the more unique, innovative and original your brochure design is, the more likely it is your current and future customers will pick it up and take notice of your products and services.

If you’re currently in the process of designing a brochure for your business, here are a few creative ideas for how you can make your printed product stand out from the crowd.


Tabs are an eye-catching and practical way to give your brochure an original aesthetic. As well as helping customers to find key information on products and services within your brochure, tabs will help to give it a distinctive shape. This will ensure your printed product looks completely different to the other brochures on the table, making it more likely clients will choose your company.


Die cut cards


Techniques like die-cutting can really help a brochure to stand out. Die-cutting allows you to add a little visual interest to your printed product by creating an unusual shape or cutting out an element of the design. This is especially effective when used on front covers, though it can be utilised throughout a brochure.

Choosing a print finish for your cover


Using simple colour schemes


When it comes to using colour in your brochure, less is often more. If you throw too many shades at your design, you’re likely to over complicate it. Instead, choose your colours wisely. Try to simplify your palette, sticking to one colour theme throughout the design.


Different paper stock

Paper stock

When planning your brochure, consider using something a little bit different to standard paper stock. The paper you choose for your brochure will have a big impact on the finished look. Thick heavy paper will give your brochure a luxurious feel while coloured or textured paper will add a different dimension to your design.

Choosing the right paper


Example presentation folders


You can dramatically alter the appearance of your brochure by using a presentation folder to finish it off. Folders work especially well when there are loose pages within the brochure, though you can use folders to add a stylish touch to any design. What’s more, presentation folders can easily be removed and updated. This gives you the flexibility to change the appearance of your brochure to suit your evolving brand identity or changing product line.

Creating a presentation folder

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