5 Design tips for creating beautiful presentation folders

A well designed presentation folder can add extra value to your printed brochure and company literature. Instead of a messy bundle of loose inserts, a folder can add an extra level of professionalism, class and desirability.

We may be told not to judge a book by its cover but in reality, this is seldom the case. Especially in the competitive world of business. When done correctly, a beautifully printed folder can help you get your message into the right hands. With such a large amount of businesses rivalling yours, these design tips will help you to create a folder that is the branded cherry on the cake...

1. Keep it simple stupid!

A well-designed printed folder doesn’t have to be busy and complicated. A simple logo, brand element or picture can have a greater effect than an over-the-top, busy design. You need to engage in an instant and a simple design will get across your companies message quickly and in a classy way. Chances are your literature will be more design heavy so a simple folder design will compliment your inserts nicely. Once you’ve settled on your design, Swallowtail Prints experts can advise you on the best printed folder finishes to bring your design to life.

Matt laminated and UV spot varnished folder

Image: Inigo Laugermann  |  http://bit.ly/1hlS5CB

2. Take stock

The design of your printed folder is only half the job. If you choose the wrong stock for your folder, you can run the risk of ruining the design and being left with something you’re embarrassed to hand over to clients. Folders need to be durable to help them fight through the postal service, rush hour commutes and arrive still intact.

You should use a heavier card stock for your folder to ensure its survival, and to give the printed folder strength to hold the inserts. Dark colours will stop your folders from getting grubby and can be an attractive option. You should also consider laminated finishes as these protect against water and can make your printed folder durable. Be aware though that laminates can scratch and scuff if you do not store them correctly. Swallowtail Print experts can advise you on the best stock for your needs and provide samples on request.

 Embosed A4 folder on textured stock

 Image: Lisa + Giorgio  |  http://bit.ly/XXLHja

3. Be a cut above the rest

With so many folders following the same design format, creating a custom die cut folder can really add a wow factor to your design and make you stand out from the crowd. This could be a uniquely shaped pocket to hold your inserts, a window on the cover or a unique shape to the whole folder. Swallowtail Print can create almost any shape you desire, the only limitation is your imagination. Get in touch to discuss your printed folder or to see samples of what we’ve done for others.  

Die cut A4 presentation folder

Image: Jorrit Michiels  |  http://bit.ly/1tLa5hB

4. Think outside the box! (Or rectangle…)

Most companies produce a bog standard A4 Portrait folder but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. If you consider your printed brochure, inserts and folder together, you can create something that stands out from your competitors. Landscape, square, circular or even something with dramatic folds, Swallowtail Print have the expertise capability to bring your ideas to life.

Diecut and creased prentation folder

Image: Olesya Kurulyuk  |  http://bit.ly/phSlMh 

5. Raise your game!

As well as paper stock, special finishes can take your folder design from the mundane to extra special. Small details can elevate your printed folder to an extra special showpiece. If you have a simple logo, you could emboss or deboss the design. This simple touch adds a timeless class to your folder that is sure to impress. Spot varnishes to part of the design or logo will also make you stand out from your competitors. Alongside these ideas you could consider metallic foils, bright and vibrant pantone inks and much more. The options are endless! Swallowtail Print experts can talk you through the options at any stage of your design process so that you end up with that extra special presentation folder.

High quality debossed folder coverHigh quality foil blocked folder inside

Image: Bam Communications  |  http://bit.ly/1hyJtIE

Swallowtail Print have many years of experience in producing high quality print. Our in-house experts can help you with your presentation folder’s design, copy text and photography, ensuring your folder is designed and printed to the highest standard, quickly and efficiently at the right price.

For more details about the various print finishes you can use for your folder, including embossing, foil blocking and spot UV varnishing, see our article brochure printing - front cover finishes.

A5 and A4 presentation folder templates

We can supply customers with a range of cutter guide templates for A5 and A4 presentation folders in various styles and capacities. Or we are always happy to discuss more creative options including material and finishes. Contact us for more details.

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