We are committed to reducing our environmental impact

Swallowtail Print is an ISO 14001 certified printer, and we understand the importance of reducing the impact of our work on the environment. Through a programme of responsible sourcing, conscious choices and improved processes, we are working to support sustainable practices, increase recycling and reduce our carbon footprint.

ISO 14001 certification    FSC logo

Carbon balanced paper

We offer carbon balanced paper through two widely recognised schemes set up by our paper merchants, at no extra cost to you. The cost of carbon used in making and transporting the paper is calculated and a payment is made on our behalf.

Three of the most popular grades we buy from Antalis UK – Claro, Novatech and Edixion uncoated – are carbon offset through the World Land Trust. This Suffolk-based charity uses the money to buy threatened forests in the tropics and preserve them.

New tree plantation
Newly planted trees

The second scheme covers most of the papers we buy from Premier Papers UK and the carbon is offset through the Woodland Trust, who plant trees in a number of locations across the UK, which will soak up CO2 as they grow. Please have a look at www.woodlandtrust.org.uk for more details.

Carbon Capture LogoAsk about carbon offset paper when deciding on your next print run. Depending on which grade you pick, you can add a logo to your artwork to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

FSC® certification

FSC logo

We have been awarded FSC certification, which gives you the option to request FSC approved papers for your print projects, and for us to print the FSC branding on your finished materials. Using the FSC logo on your printed materials gives assurance to your customers that your company is conscious of its environmental impact and reassures them that you are sourcing your paper sustainably.

The FSC stamp includes a batch code to prove that the item is genuinely FSC approved. It demonstrates a continued chain of custody, from forest to consumer, and guarantees that the paper has been produced from managed, sustainable sources.

We can advise you on FSC logo placement on your artwork. Just leave the appropriate space and we’ll place the correct FSC batch coded stamp in for you.


  • Natural resources

    We are actively minimising our consumption of natural resources and energy, through tighter control of stock and by eliminating unnecessary processes.

  • Legislation

    Swallowtail Print complies fully with all environmental legislation, and we strive to stay up to date with all new environmental legislation and requirements.

  • Waste and recycling

    We have improved our operating practices, to ensure we can recycle materials whenever possible. We also ensure all waste is captured and disposed of correctly.

  • Materials

    Many of our papers are carbon balanced with the World Land Trust. We actively encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials and can offer advice to help you select the best for your project.

  • New products and processes

    We invest in new technology and processes that demonstrate improved environmental impact performances.

  • Reducing our energy consumption

    We have selected equipment that is more energy efficient, and we’ve installed our own solar panels to help offset our energy use.

Looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your print?

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