Although we can accept artwork in a variety of different formats, our preference is for a print ready PDF. There are several checks that you can make before you export your artwork as a PDF. This will avoid problems later and reduce additional processing charges.


PDF checklist:

  • Document size: Ensure the document will be the correct size when trimmed
  • Document colours: All images and colours need to be CMYK, not RGB
  • No spreads: Output one PDF with separate pages
  • Image resolution: All greyscale and colour images need to be at least 300dpi
  • Compression: Use maximum image quality and automatic compression
  • Bleed: Include 3mm bleed
  • Crop marks: Include crop marks for trimming
  • Colour profile: For CMYK use Fogra39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • Fonts: All fonts need to be embedded


Artwork checklist:

  • Safe zone: Avoid placing elements too close to the edge of a page, leave a gap of at least 3mm
  • Line weights: Avoid rules thinner than 0.75pt
  • Tints: Avoid tints lighter than 5% or darker than 95%
  • Black text: Ideally black text should be 100% black and not a mixture of process colours
  • Overprinting: Check that your artwork only contains objects that you want to overprint
  • Pantone colours: If your design is to be printed in pantone colours, then do not convert your colours when exporting the PDF. Once exported, check the separations in the PDF includes your pantone colours
  • Spot UV: Use a custom spot colour for the areas that you want the varnish to be printed and set this to overprint. Do not convert the colours when exporting the PDF and check the separations in the pdf includes your custom colour
  • Page count: Remember for books, brochures and booklets pages must be in multiples of 4 pages


PDF settings:

If you are using Adobe Acrobat, then use the Press Quality preset for exporting a PDF. Below are a few changes that you may need to make to the default settings.

General. Export as pages (not spreads).

PDF Page settings

Compression. Use the default settings.

PDF settings - image compression

Marks and Bleeds. Add crop marks and 3mm bleed.

PDF settings - Bleed and crop marks

Colour output. For CMYK jobs choose Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers).
Choose Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004) as the Destination.

PDF settings - colour conversion

Fonts. Embed all fonts by entering 100% in the subset font box.

PDF settings - Embedding fonts

Warnings. It will show an exclamation in Summary if there any warning messages. 

PDF settings - warning messages