Tactile and high impact finishes

Though the design of a book is obviously a very visual affair, the way that it feels when you touch it also has a big effect on its overall impact. Cheap, flimsy books will instantly give the impression of poor quality and a lack of care and attention. While thick, beautifully finished books shout quality, luxury and professionalism. They instantly give the reader confidence in the publication and help make the book an object worth treasuring.

One thing that makes a book look and feel more high end is its finish. The laminate that is used to finish the cover has a huge impact on the final result, with different laminates producing completely different aesthetics. Two of the most interesting and practical laminates are ‘soft-touch’ and ‘anti-scuff’. Good quality, resilient and stylish, these finishes will help your publication to stand out from the crowd.

Two laminated booklets


The soft-touch laminate adds a fine, velvet like finish to the surface of the cover. With a matt appearance and highly tactile quality, this is the perfect choice for a publication that you want to be handled on a regular basis.

The soft, welcoming feel of the finish will encourage your readers to browse your book more thoroughly, and will make it hard for them to put the velvety soft cover down when they’re done.

Not only does the soft-touch laminate add an irresistible tactile quality to the book, it will help to keep the publication looking good for longer, so you, and your readers can get even more enjoyment from your printed product.


This tough, durable and stylish laminate will help to protect your publication and keep it scratch and scuff free for as long as possible. The clear, clean finish this laminate offers helps to keep your photos and text crystal clear while helping colours to appear natural, crisp and appealing.

The laminate’s impressive anti-scuff properties will help to improve the longevity of your printed product, even with books that are heavily handled when given this finish. This makes the anti-scuff laminate the perfect choice for brochures, booklets, folders and wallets and any other printed product that will be used and handled on a regular basis.

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