A quick explanation of the different types of folded leaflets available

Folded leaflets can be folded in a variety of different ways, in fact they’re so versatile that the number of possibilities can be overwhelming. From gate folds for mailing to concertina folds for menus, whatever type of business you have, there’s a type of folded leaflet for you.

Restaurants, cafes, financial service providers, estate agents - you name it and folded leaflets will feature in their marketing strategy somewhere. They don’t just hold virtually endless creative possibilities either, practically there are lots of advantages to the various types of fold, each suitable for a specific marketing message or promotional purpose.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular types of folded leaflets and explained what it means and given a few top tips on how to use them.

Single fold

This is the simplest type of fold, where the sheet is folded once in the middle. For example, taking an A4 sheet and folding in half you will end up with an A5 folded leaflet. For this reason, it is often called a half fold.

Single folded leaflet Roll fold leaflet example

Roll fold

This type of fold is where each page folds in on itself. It is typically used to produce a trifold leaflet such as a one third A4 leaflet or a DL leaflet. This is where an A4 sheet is folded it to three sections, the right-hand page is folded inwards and then folded in again. If a roll leaflet has more than six pages you simply continue folding each page inwards. As each page has to be progressively smaller than the previous, it best to check with your printer for their specifications.

Z-fold (Concertina)

A concertina folded leaflet (also known as zig-zag folding or z-fold) looks a lot like an accordion, especially when it has more than 6 pages and depending on its size it can have up to twelve pages. Each page will be the same size and the leaflet will open out to one long document, this can allow information to run from one page on to the next.

Z fold leaflet example Gatefold leaflet example

Gate fold

This type of leaflet will typically have two parallel folds, the left and the right-hand pages are folded inwards so that they meet in the middle. It looks similar to two gates opening outwards and it reveals the larger panel underneath. A gate fold leaflet can be any size but its final size will be half the original sheet size.

Example french fold leaflet Example 20 page cross fold leaflet

Cross fold

A map is an example of a cross folded leaflet. It allows a large printed sheet to be reduced in size just by folding it down several times. There are a number of ways to do this but normally the sheet will be folded in half and then folded again one or more times. A sheet folded in to quarters is known as a French fold.

It would be impossible to show all the variations available and it is better to talk to us so we can advise you.

If you would like a quote for printing your folded leaflet, or would like more details about the different options available then contact our sales team.


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