Using metallic foil stamping and metallic inks

Adding a metallic finish to your printed material is a fantastic way to create an upmarket, high-class appearance for your brochures, vouchers and other products. The two most popular ways of giving your product that extra glint, are metallic foil stamping and using metallic Pantone inks. Both techniques produce great results, and both can be used to enhance your marketing materials. We look at both methods to help you decide which is right for your next project.

Metallic foil stamping

Metallic foil is applied once your materials have been printed. It adheres directly onto the paper or card to give a beautiful, shiny finish. Metallic foil stamping and hot foil blocking can be used to add a finish to both flat and embossed surfaces, giving you maximum versatility when it comes to designing your marketing materials. As the foil is applied at the end of the printing process, it can also add a textural element to the design. This can be a real bonus if you want your materials to be as tactile as possible.

Metallic foil stamping is available in a choice of colours. Select your favourite metallic tone from a variety of gold, silver and bronze options to give a finish that complements your design perfectly.

Another benefit of choosing metallic foil blocking is its longevity. Despite its delicate looks, foil stamping offers a durable, high quality finish, and is therefore generally a little more expensive than using metallic inks. However, if you’re designing products where the appearance requires elegance and sophistication then the investment is well worth it.

Metallic PMS ink

In general, Pantone inks result in a less shiny finish than foil stamping, however you have a much wider choice of colours. So, if you’re looking for a very specific tone, inks could be the way to go.

One of the main benefits of metallic inks is that they are ideal for covering large areas. Unlike metallic foil stamping, metallic Pantone inks will often be printed in one pass, at the same time as the other colours. Because they are printed, it gives you the option to create very fine detail. So, if your design is very intricate, it will help you to achieve the finish you’re looking for. What’s more, as metallic inks are affordable, using them to add a lustre to your material that won’t break your budget.

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