Choosing the right binding for your brochure

Binding is an essential part of any printed brochure, effecting its look, handling and cost. We look at two of the most popular binding options used for producing booklets, brochures and magazines.

Stapled brochures

Known in the industry as saddle stitched, using staples is probably the simplest binding method available. It is also the most affordable, making it ideal for a brochure or magazine with less than 80 pages.

Saddle stitching is perfect for short runs requiring fast turn-around times. Equally, larger quantities can be produced more efficiently and economically.

For brochure and booklet production we use a Heidleberg Stitchmaster ST400. A cover feeder and six stations allows us to synchronise the process of gathering, stitching and trimming, and achieve high productivity levels while maintaining consistency. Using this system we can produce brochures from A6 right up to A3 in size.

St400 stitchmaster

Perfect bound brochures

Ideal for documents with a large number of pages, perfect binding uses glue to hold the pages together. A cover is wrapped around the inner pages. We offer a wide range of cover materials and finishes, such as soft touch laminate and blind embossing.

For perfect binding we use a Muller Tigra binder. This is set up with cover feeder and twelve stations to handle gathering, milling and gluing. It also incorporates a three knife trimmer and allows us to produce high quality results.

We also have a thread sewn binding system. For more binding options, such as case and wire binding see How to choose the right binding for your printed document.

our offset presses


Today’s market requires printers to deliver high quality products with quick turnaround times. To meet this demand we operate two five-colour, sheet fed, offset Speedmaster presses, the Heidelberg XL105 and XL75. Our litho presses use Inpress control which significantly speeds up production. It allows us to accurately control colour and registration and provides a high level of consistency from start to finish. By continually monitoring production, we are able to maintain our high standards and ensure outstanding results.

We also have two digital printing presses capable of producing offset-like results with high colour accuracy and consistency. They offer excellent value for shorter print runs.

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