Reducing our environmental impact

Swallowtail Print are committed to providing more eco-friendly printing and to reducing our impact on the environment. Over the years we have invested in more efficient equipment, implemented newer and better production processes and improved recycling.

We are an ISO 14001 and FSC certified printer. Our paper comes from UK merchants that source their materials from well-managed sustainable forests. Plus we can offer customers a range of greener materials and finishes. 

ISO 14001 environmental management

We are an ISO 14001 certified printers. This is an internationally recognised standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It provides a framework and helps us improve our environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reducing waste.

Our commitment to reducing our impact

Greener energy

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have invested in more efficient presses and equipment. Solar panels provide us with a proportion of our energy requirements and help reduce our carbon footprint and overheads.

Compostable potato starch mailing bags

We can offer customers a biodegradable alternative to regular plastic poly-wrap envelopes. They are made from corn starch allowing them to be composted. They look and feel just like a plastic envelope and can be printed on, but they are plant-based so they break down in a compost bin.

Biodegradable laminated films

We offer customers a range of oxo-biodegradable alternatives for laminating. These films are available in matt or gloss and provide excellent protection and durability, making them ideal for magazine and brochure covers.

Responsibly sourced papers and boards

We are an FSC certified printer and use FSC approved materials that are sourced from carefully managed forests. Certification provides us with a chain of custody, so that a finished product can be traced back to its origin.

Carbon balanced and FSC approved materials

Recycling and reducing waste

Many of the materials we use during production, such as the metal printing plates, are recycled. Whenever possible we use environmentally friendly materials, such as vegetable- based printing inks.

Investment in newer printing presses has reduced waste by using less paper, vegetable-based ink and washing agents. Improved drying systems use less energy and speed up production.

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