Antimicrobial treatment for your printed goods

2020 has been the year when everyone has become more aware of the importance of hand hygiene. Measures like additional handwashing, sanitising, and social distancing have become part of our daily routine as we do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As lockdown measures are gradually eased, the print industry are offering solutions to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria on printed items.

In the hospitality industry, entertainment and education settings, printed materials can be high-contact surfaces. Items like menus, in-flight and in-house magazines, workbooks, handouts or sample brochures can be handled by multiple people in a day, potentially risking cross-contamination. A safe measure would be to make all of these materials single-use, but we must acknowledge that this is not cost-effective, nor is it the best solution for the environment.

So, what’s the safe alternative?

Cellomed is a treatment that can be applied to your printed materials – either as a coating or a durable laminate.

It is an innovative product, with silver as its active ingredient. When silver comes into contact with bacteria, it ruptures the cell membrane, immobilises it, and prevents it from reproducing on the surface. Silver is widely used this way in healthcare settings, and has been proven to reduce levels of bacteria and slow the spread of infection.

Adding a Cellomed coating or laminate finish to your print job is an easy, cost-effective step. It’s typically less than a 10% additional cost for most print jobs, and won’t affect the leadtime. The coating or laminate is applied after the printing is complete. It goes on black, then dries completely clear. You and your customers won’t be able to feel or see any difference in the finish, but you can rest assured that the materials can be safely handled, and bacteria and viruses will not remain on the surface.

We are already proudly supplying in-room magazines to a hotel chain in America, treated with Cellomed coating, and we’d love to talk to you about the options for adding this antimicrobial treatment to your next print job. Please contact our friendly team to learn more.

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