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Sending a regular magazine is a great way to keep in touch with your club members, so they feel updated and connected. We specialise in short-run magazine printing, ideal for members’ clubs.

This year has seen a boom in hobbies - as we all spent much more time at home, we found new ways to keep ourselves entertained. Hobby and interest clubs are a fantastic way for people to get more involved, meet others with common interests, and to broaden their knowledge of their pastime.

Receiving the club magazine is a key part of the subscription for many members. We join clubs to feel like part of a group – to share our enjoyment with others – so these communications are a key part of the engagement you have with your members. Even now, in the days of private Facebook groups or online forums where information can be shared instantly with club members, a printed issue feels important. Make sure it contains stories you haven’t used online, so it feels fresh and informative to your readers.

Magazines or newsletters allow you to maintain a connection with the club members, promoting the activities they can take part in, updating them on important events, and encouraging them to continue their membership.

Make your magazine a dialogue – encourage your members to get involved. Include a letters page, share their funny or heart-warming stories of friendships formed, or celebrate milestone membership lengths with them. 

Whether you’re a group united by your passion for cars, crafting, cameras or cookery, we can help you to keep your members informed.

Our minimum order is just 25 copies, so even if you’re a smaller membership club please get in touch – we’d love to discuss your magazine with you. Our turnaround times are very quick and competitive, and we can deliver throughout the UK. We can work with your chosen distribution company, or handle the whole mailing process for you.

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